The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

The Distant HoursThe Distant Hours by Kate Morton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Originally published August 9th, 2013
Another excellent book by Kate Morton. I’m always impressed by her ability to flesh out interesting and layered families, while giving the relationships themselves their own depth and life. Morton seems enthralled by families; their dynamics, and the way personalities and personal histories influence that dynamic. How it changes over time, flexes and strains or maybe grows. And she does a magnificent job of portraying them, but still making them all different. Although there are a couple of points in the novel where their attitudes and reactions seem a little cliche, I don’t feel that’s a serious concern. Real human beings are often cliche, ridiculous, or contrived, so I think it’s only fair to allow authors the same leeway with their characters. I look forward to reading The Secret Keeper, and whatever else Morton has tucked up her sleeve.

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