Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi

Mr. FoxMr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Originally published on August 10th, 2012
I wish I had grasped more of this book. The idea behind it completely fascinated me when I first read the review in my mother-in-law’s Oprah magazine. [short recap: Mr. Fox is a married author of popular fiction books who can’t stop killing off his female characters. His muse, Mary Foxe (and I found keeping track of Fox and Foxe confusing for the first while) drags him through short stories of his and her own creation to show him the error of his ways.] The story winds up being a string of stories where Mary and Mr. Fox are different characters, each trying to achieve their own goals, which may or may not be falling in love and staying together. Considering that Mr. Fox is married and Mary Foxe is imaginary, this poses some problems. The sub-stories are unique and intriguing, but quite often I felt that I was missing out on layers of meaning behind them that would have added depth to the book overall. (My fault, not the author’s). It wasn’t what I expected, and I’m hoping to read it again in the near future and pick up more.

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