The Ill-Made Mute: The Bitterbynde #1 by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

The Ill-Made Mute (The Bitterbynde, #1)The Ill-Made Mute by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Originally published on September 2nd, 2012
I had to force myself to finish this series, and I’m not going to bother separately reviewing the rest of it. The first book was pretty enjoyable, and the plot was reasonably well done. But by the time I got into the second book the twists and turns just seemed like filler; Dart-Thornton dragging out any idea that would make the series the length it needed to be. And her penchant for endless description! It drove me completely insane. In one book she spends a page and a half describing the exhilaration of flight. Nearly every sentence starts with “It was…” How did she justify more than two lines? I don’t know why the editor let her get away with that because it made me want to rip out my hair. Overall: good idea, bad execution.

“This is not a book to be tossed lightly aside. It should be thrown with great force.” -Dorothy Parker

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