Runaway by Alice Munro

RunawayRunaway by Alice Munro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Originally published January 7th, 2014
So. Runaway. This was my first experience with Alice Munro and I didn’t want the stories to end. I was so drawn in to the protagonist in every story, as if she’d written a set of mini-biographies for people she knew personally. Munro manages to create such dimensional characters while sharing only the barest hints of who they are, and leaving you to fill in the details and the endings for yourself. But I can’t help wishing that she had included a story that had a happy ending. I’ve heard the idea before that you don’t win awards for writing literature with happy endings. Alice Munro has won a lot of awards. And written a lot of books. The stories in this book were magical. You see this person rise up out of the ground and relate a small portion of their history before disappearing. But I wish some of them had smiled before they vanished.

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