Living Dead in Dallas: Sookie Stackhouse #2 by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse, #2)Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Originally published October 20th, 2013
Getting better! For anyone who didn’t read my review of Dead Until Dark, I had a few quibbles with Sookie’s occasionally stereotypical attitudes, and some victim blaming. Although I think for a first book (at least, first in a new series. I don’t know when Dead Until Dark was published relative to her other books), all manner of flaws can be forgiven. And I think Harris has made some improvements to Sookie’s nature for her second book. Sookie seems more solid, less a paper cutout from a popular magazine (my money would be on Cosmo), and more like a real individual. The plot is still good. But there’s still a lot of victim blaming going on. Harris brings in the occasional alternative lifestyle but then uses those people more as cautionary tales. There’s limited acceptance of different people who want anything that deviates from the norm. Which sets up low-level irony that runs through the whole series; after all Sookie is far from normal herself, and she is happily dating vampires. Although it’s possible Harris did that on purpose, if we can accept Sookie and her quirks as our heroine and root for her, maybe we can accept the strange people around us.

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