Doctor in the House by Richard Gordon

Doctor in the HouseDoctor in the House by Richard Gordon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Originally published September 23rd, 2013
I would have liked more. More details about life in school, more medical methods of diagnosis and treatment of the day, more funny stories about his friends. I’ve tried to think over what he wrote about, but keep finding I can’t remember anything. Women? Drinking? A very important helmet? Gordon scatters sexism throughout his stories like raisins in a bran muffin. It’s not all that surprising that they’re there, but it’s still an unpleasant surprise and you can’t help feeling they don’t really belong there. He and his friends complain about how the women stalk them, only looking for one thing: to trap themselves a husband. A soon-to-be affluent doctor was a plum selection. It irritates me that they assume the women behave this way because it’s their nature; and how they fail to notice for most women marriage is the only option. Gordon’s relation of the plan he and his roommates created to give themselves time alone with a potential conquest also made me uncomfortable. They come up with the standard code words to detail whether the others are to stay or leave, but his casual quip that the limited time available made them all “very persuasive” made my insides cold. That’s something I could have done with less of.
I’d be willing to read another one of his books, after all this is the first one, but only in the hope that it would be better. Not necessarily something I really expect though.

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